DVD - Fastlane 2015 (Pari al nuovo)

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3 ore e 8 minuti
Lingua inglese

Buckle up and prepare for a ride in the Fastlane, the last stop on the road to Wrestlemania!

The Cold War is reignited as All American John Cena takes on the Russian bear Rusev, can he claim back the United States title for his country?

Nikki Bella and Paige get it on for the Divas Championship

Two fan favourites Roman Reigns and leader of the the" Yes Revolution" Daniel Bryan battle it out for a shot at the World Championship against the "Beast" Brock Lesnar in the main event at WM31.

All this plus a six man tag match featuring the Authority and Wade Barrett vs Dean Ambrose for the IC title.

The blu ray will feature at least 70 minutes of exclusive extras.