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First clips we see are Austin talking about what it takes to be a success in wrestling. More times than not, the most successful wrestlers are the ones who act like themselves with the volume turned WAY up.

WrestleMania XIV: This was the night Austin the officially recognized leader of the WWF. He knew that winning the WWF title there meant he had finally *made it*.

We watch Austin getting geared up to go out in the ring. He likes some coffee, Diet Coke, and 7-Up every now and then. There’s a superstition about having to put your right boot on first.

King of the Ring ’98: Skip ahead to the King of the Ring 1998 where Stone Cold met Kane in a first blood match. The impossibilities of Austin winning this match against a guy who’s body is covered up from head to toe made for an interesting night. Kane says if he doesn’t win, he will set himself on fire. WHOA! Ahh, we see Austin taking the bloodbath on Raw. Awesome. Now onto the match. The Hell in a Cell comes down and when Kane can’t get the job done, Mankind comes down AFTER THE HELL IN A CELL MATCH to interfere. He takes a STUNNER and so does Kane. In comes Undertaker, he goes to swing a chair at Mankind as does Austin, but Mankind hits the mat and UT hits Austin in the face with the chair to bust him open and cost him the title.

Road Rage: Back in Austin’s car, he gets pissed at a slow driver who’s over in the fast lane. Pretty funny. Onto Raw following the King of the Ring, Austin gets his rematch and regains the WWF title. The Undertaker joins Austin in the ring, but he takes a STUNNER even though he really didn’t cause a threat. It was just payback for the chairshot at the King of the Ring.

Austin talks about being taught how to drive the zamboni and destroying Vince McMahon’s Corvette with a cement truck. Another instance was when Austin wasn’t allowed in VIP parking and drove a limousine monster truck over the cars parked in the VIP section. What else has he drove? Oh yeah, the Bud Light truck into the ring. Then there was an Austin 3:16 monster truck and he drove over the Rock’s Lincoln Continental and then right up to the ring.

SummerSlam ’98: During the match with the Undertaker, Austin got knocked out during the match after UT ducked low for a backdrop and took a kick to the head. When he stood up, he came up so fast that his head went right into Austin’s chin. Stone Cold wins with the STUNNER.

He said that he didn’t like the WWF title belt, so he came up with the personalized Smoking Skull belt. Of course it was a f00k you to Vince as well, which was always fun for Austin.

Over the Edge ’98: We’re going in reverse now. We head back to May where Austin met Dude Love for the second straight time on PPV with the cards again stacked incredibly against Austin with Vince McMahon as the special referee to once again make him lose the WWF title. The only way the match could end was by Vince’s hand only. Once Vince got knocked out by a chairshot and Undertaker took care of Patterson and Brisco, Austin gave Dude Love a STUNNER and counted the pinfall with McMahon’s lifeless hand. Pretty awesome.

Breakdown ’98: Due to Vince’s continued obsession with getting the WWF title off Stone Cold, he puts Undertaker and Kane up against Stone Cold in a triple-threat match. There ends up being a double-pinfall with both UT and Kane getting the three-count on Austin. Vince takes the belt and leaves screaming at Austin, “IT’S MINE!” and gives him the finger.

Judgment Day ’98: Since both UT and Kane scored the pinfall, they do battle for the WWF title with Stone Cold as the special referee. If Austin doesn’t do his job, he will be FIRED FIRED FIRED! Onto the finish, UT drills Kane with a chair, but Austin refuses to count. STUNNER to Undertaker! Austin gives him a swift chairshot, counts them both out, and announces himself as the winner. Vince does exactly what he said he would if Austin didn’t play ball and that’s fire Austin.

BANG 3:16! STUNNER to Vince! McMahon 3:16 says he just pissed his pants. STUNNER!

Back to Austin’s car, they show Stone Cold is driving 80 MPH. Such a rebel. They show the match at Survivor Series where Shane McMahon hired Stone Cold back into the company just to screw him out of the WWF title. SWERVE~!

Buried Alive Match: Onto December 1998 at IYH: Rock Bottom, Austin is forced into a Buried Alive match with the Undertaker. If he wins, he can be in the Royal Rumble. In the build to the match, they show Austin being crucified on the UT symbol. STUNNER by Austin sends Taker into the grave, but it takes a backhoe to bury him alive.

They show clips of the Royal Rumble where it comes down to Austin and Vince. Naturally, Austin takes his time with Vince. Out comes the Rock to distract Austin. As he reaches over the top at the Rock, Vince runs up behind him and dumps Austin out to win the match.

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: Austin puts up his WWF title shot at WrestleMania XV to get Vince McMahon in a cage match. Vince promises that no Corporation member will interfere. Of course, no current or previous Corporation member does interfere. A new member of the Corporation, however, DOES interfere as the Big Show debuts (making one of the best business decisions of the Monday Night Wars) by coming up through the ring and throwing Austin onto the cage wall, which comes loose and Austin escapes out to the floor to win.

If you’re riding with Stone Cold, don’t mess with the radio.

WrestleMania XV: Regardless of being a third-generation wrestler, he just has under three years of wrestling experience ad the Rock is already in the main event at a WrestleMania. Pretty incredible stuff. Of course, his match with Austin is a brawl all the way. THREE referees are wiped out (the last one by Vince McMahon), but here comes Mankind wearing his homemade referee shirt to save the day. One thing leads to another, Austin elbows away from trash-talking Rock Bottom attempt and hits Rock with the STUNNER to finally regain the WWF title.

Austin shows off all the extra stuff he got to do as a huge wrestling star. Working on Nash Bridges, having a drag race car with his face on it, and doing all kinds of public appearances.

Backlash ’99: They show Rock punching Austin off a bridge AND throwing the WWF title off with him. Later on, Rock wants to bury the Smoking Skull belt along with Austin’s career. That’s where Austin drives his monster truck over Rock’s Lincoln Continental and opens up a HUGE can on the Rock before taking back his Smoking Skull belt. Oh wait, Shane McMahon (the special referee at Backlash) comes out of nowhere and blasts Austin from behind with a shovel so he can take back the belt. Even though Austin is the WWF champ, Rock walks out to the ring with the Smoking Skull belt while Austin brings with him the WWF title. Another storytelling brawl ensues. I always loved the camera shot STUNNER on the announce table. Once again, Shane tries to screw Austin out of the title. Vince nails Shane with the Smoking Skull belt. With Rock all confused, Austin gives him the STUNNER and retains the belt. Since Austin is the winner, Vince tosses him his personalized belt. Now Austin is FINALLY carrying both belts.


As we wrap things up with Stone Cold, he tells us how proud he is of how his career turned out. He doesn’t know why it took so long for him to get the top, but he knows everything happens for a reason. We watch as people are lined up in the streets just to see Austin as he drives away from an arena.

And we close with a fairly short “Hell Yeah” music video showing various clips of Austin beating the crap out of Vince.

Special Features:

Say What, Jackass?: Numerous wrestlers break character and give sound bytes about how much respect they all have for Stone Cold. Like a pro, the Rock is the only one who doesn’t break character.

The Book of Austin: We see some of the key moments of the Stone Cold character: starting from King of the Ring 1996 onward. Good to see loads of Austin’s early years in the WWF as opposed to just the Austin Era.

Rattlesnake Rules: Clips of Austin destroying cars and generally causing chaos on WWF TV.

Last Call: We witness Austin losing the WWF title to the Undertaker at Over the Edge in another screwy finish, losing to Vince and Shane at the King of the Ring in a ladder match, and then regaining the WWF title from the Undertaker on the next night at Raw is War. Over options allow you to read a ten page biography about Steve Austin, which was in an issue of Raw magazine. There’s also a link that sends you to StoneCold.com, but that site nowadays just takes you to wwe.com.