DVD - WWE Ruthless Aggression Vol. 1 (2 DVD)

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4 ore e 17 minuti
Lingua: inglese

It has been 2 decades, from the ashes of the Monday Night War, a new era was born – Ruthless Aggression! For the first time ever, hear the true stories from those who lived it, and witness the emergence of an entire new generation of Superstars, who would change the WWE forever.

Relive the rise of the Next Big Thing Brock LesnarBatistaRandy Orton and a rookie Superstar who grabbed the brass ring and shook things up… John Cena!

Meanwhile, as The Ruthless Aggression Era dawned, WWE mainstay Triple H pushed forward the Evolution of sports-entertainment with Ric Flair, Randy Orton & Batista. Whilst others such as, Eddie Guerrero, JBL, Edge and more capitalized on their newfound opportunity to become stars!

Disc 1


It’s Time To Shake Things Up

  • Ruthless Aggression
  • The Monday Night War
  • The Invasion
  • Not Quite Ready
  • A Shot of Adrenaline
  • Brand Split
  • The Unthinkable
  • State of Flux
  • Business Picking Up
  • Still Something Missing

Enter John Cena

  • Failure
  • Star-Driven Business
  • Discovering John
  • The Keys to the City…
  • …But Then What?
  • Doctor of Thuganomics
  • Maybe They’re Not Ready
  • WrestleMania XX
  • An Unconventional Rise
  • Electric Reaction
  • John Cena Everywhere
  • On The Verge of History
  • Every F*&%$#@ Inch

Special Features:
Raw – June 24, 2002
The Birth of Ruthless Aggression
Season 1 Teaser
Season 1 Trailer
Season 2 Trailer

Disc 2



  • You Can Not Stop Evolution
  • Forming a Friendship
  • Pieces in Place
  • The Dawning of a New Era
  • The Hate Button
  • What Do We Do Now?
  • The Story of Mark Jindrak
  • On Top of the World
  • The Randy Orton Dilemma
  • An Investment in Batista
  • Evolution Has Just Passed You By

The Next Big Thing

  • Only Two Years
  • Recruiting the Beast
  • Thrown Into The Fire
  • If Not Now, When?
  • The Next Big Thing
  • A Private Person
  • How Do You Top That?
  • Where Am I Today?
  • I’m Quitting
  • Once In A Generation

Civil War: Raw vs. SmackDown

  • A Half Step Back
  • Brand Extension
  • Continuing to Evolve
  • Breaking The Stigma
  • Kicking The Rivalry Into Gear
  • Building the Future
  • All About Opportunity

Special Features:

Evolution at WrestleMania 21 – Extended Cut

Evolution – Alternate Ending