DVD Attitude Collection - Know Your Role

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Silver Vision, 80 minuti
Lingua: inglese

He "Laid the Smack Down"! He's been both the "People's" and the "Corporate" champ! HE gave the world "Roody Poo"! Now, you can bring home a piece of The Rock! The "Great One"! The "Chosen One"! Find out how The Rock has become the most electrifying name in sports-entertainment today. This isn't "Sing Along With The Champ"! So sit down, shut up and watch the damn tape...and Know Your Role! This video is exclusively for the millions and millions of the Rock's fans "if ya smell what The Rock is cookin"!

This video shows clips from his fued with HHH from when he embarassed Chyna while DX was locked in locker room. It shows the match with Mankind in the I Quit match at the Royal Rumble, and it even showed the WrestleMania match with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Know your Role also shows behind the Scenes footage of the Chef Boyardee commercial the Rock is in. The video is narrated by The Great One himself.