WWE Film - Testa di cavolo (DVD)

    Tempi di consegna:1-3 giorni lavorativi (Italia)
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WWE Film, Include l'audio in italiano

Salvare l'orfanotrofio di St. Thomas è diventato un'impresa. Quando l'orfano troppo cresciuto Walter (Big Show) inavvertitamente dà fuoco all'orfanotrofio, la scuola si trova alla disperata ricerca di denaro. Qui entra in scena il truffatore di bassa lega, Eddie, che capisce che il gentile gigante ha delle possibilità nel circuito clandestino delle MMA. L'unico problema è che Walter non ha mai fatto male ad una mosca.

Knucklehead is a knock-out comedy in the vein of Blades of Glory, Happy Gilmore or Dodgeball. Set in the very popular and exciting world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), our story follows a low-rent con artist named Eddie Sullivan (Mark Feuerstein). After incurring a large debt with a local criminal ringleader, Eddie creates a get-rich-quick scheme and enlists a sweet gentle giant named Walter (Paul “Big Show” Wight) as his unwitting accomplice. Eddie’s plan: travel from town to town with Walter and enter small, unsanctioned MMA fighting competitions for prize money. Walter’s orphanage - the only home he’s ever known - also needs funds desperately, so he reluctantly agrees. During their journey, Walter discovers what life is like outside the orphanage while Eddie becomes morally conflicted over whether to take all the loot for himself or keep his promise to Walter, the one person he can actually call a friend.

Special Features

• Knucklehead Moments: Bloopers & Beyond
• Welcome To The Show
• Bearly Surviving
• Commentary Track
• Photo Gallery