DVD Undertaker - 15-0

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He has been the biggest Superstar on sports entertainment's grandest stage, amassing a record unlikely to be equaled any time soon. Undertaker has entered the ring 15 times at WrestleMania and has always emerged victorious, defeating some of professional wrestling's biggest stars including Triple H, Batista, Kane, Randy Orton, Diesel, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Ric Flair, and more! Re-live this amazing streak with Undertaker 15-0, which includes highlights of all 15 matches on the one DVD for the first time with exclusive footage on how each confrontation developed.

vs. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
WrestleMania VII

vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
WrestleMania VIII

vs. Giant Gonzalez
WrestleMania IX

vs. King Kong Bundy
WrestleMania XI

Grudge Match
vs. Diesel
WrestleMania XII

WWE Championship Match
vs. Sycho Sid
WrestleMania 13

Brother vs. Brother Grudge Match
vs. Kane
WrestleMania XIV

Hell in a Cell Match
vs. Big Bossman
WrestleMania XV

Grudge Match
vs. Triple H
WrestleMania X-7

No Disqualification Match
vs. Ric Flair
WrestleMania X-8

Handicap Match
vs. Big Show & A-Train
WrestleMania XIX

Interpromotional Match
vs. Kane
WrestleMania XX

Legend vs. Legend Killer
vs. Randy Orton
WrestleMania 21

Casket Match
vs. Mark Henry
WrestleMania 22

World Heavyweight Championship Match
vs. Batista
WrestleMania 23