Libro - WWE Eric Bischoff - Controvery Creates Cash

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Lingua inglese, ed. WWE, 400 pagine. Hardcover

Eric Bishoff is one of the most controversial figures in the world of wrestling. Under his watch as president of WCW, the company went head to head with Vince McMahon and the WWE and beat them at their own game before ultimately imploding.

First hired as part of WCW in the role of on-air announcer, Bischoff was asked by then WCW owner, Ted Turner what he thought was need to beat the World Wrestling Federation - Turner liked his answer, and Bischoff was appointed president of the company . With Turner and his money behind him, Bischoff declared war. He hired top, recognized talent away from WWE; he produced a show that looked more dangerous, was more sexy, and with more of an edge that anything being done by the McMahon and his team. Going head to head with the WWE, but broadcasting live, Nitro became the number one wrestling show for 80 consecutive weeks.

However, the formula for the WCW's success, also became the blueprint for its failure. Top heavy with highly paid talent with control over their storylines, the WCW stumbled, and the WWE stepped in and took the lead in the ratings and never gave it up. When Time-Warner bought out Turner, they found that the WCW was losing millions a year, and all WCW programming was cancelled. Vince McMahon swept in and was able to buy the entire company for pennies on the dollar.

In this no-holds-barred look at his career and life, Eric Bishoff will discuss the things that he did right and all that he did wrong as he helped shape the sports entertainment industry into the billion dollar business it is today.