DVD My Name is Paul Heyman (3 DVD)

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One of the most controversial managers and figures in WCW, ECW and WWE History! For the first time ever, fans get the full story of the life and career of Paul Heyman. From his beginnings as a ringside photographer at MSG, to becoming a manager at WCW, then heading up the infamous ECW, Paul has his own unique brand of over-the-top, in your face entertainment that has developed him a cult-like following.

Since joining WWE, Paul has gone on to great heights, including managing Brock Lesnar, when he finally broke Undertakers WrestleMania Streak this year.

This collection includes great behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, with past and present talent talking about Paul’s contribution to the world of sports-entertainment. Featuring interviews with Raven, Tommy Dreamer, Joey Styles, Mick Foley, Rob Van Dam, Stephanie McMahon and of course the man himself.









Team Mentality








Return to WWE

Embracing the Moment


AWA Championship Wrestling August 1987

Paul E. is always in contact

AWA Superstars August 1987

Pink Suspenders

AWA Championship Wrestling August 1987

I’ll Be Johnny Carson

AWA Championship Wrestling September 1987

Danger Zone with Ted E. Bear

AWA All Star Wrestling September 1987

You Want to be a Cartoon?

AWA Superstars September 1987

If Excitement Had a Name

AWA Championship Wrestling September 1987

More Publicity

AWA All Star Wrestling October 1987

Adrian Adonis

AWA Superstars November 1987

The Definition of Pro Wrestling


NWA Pro Wrestling October 1988

The Sequel, Jim Cornette

World Championship Wrestling November 1988

Nobody Wanted Paul E.

NWA Pro Wrestling December 1988

Louisville Slugger

World Championship Wrestling January 1989

TheYear of Paul E. Dangerously

World Championship Wrestling March 1989

Danger Zone with Ric Flair

NWA Main Event March 1989

I’m So Handsome

World Wide Wrestling March 1989

I Don’t Have Wrestlers, I Have Animals

NWA Main Event July 1989

Ding Dong, Who is it?

World Championship Wrestling September 1989

The Era of the Dangerous Alliance

Power Hour May 1991

Sting’s Doll

World Championship Wrestling November 1991

Save Us from Captain Oklahoma

World Championship Wrestling November 1991

The Dangerous Alliance

World Wide Wrestling February 1992

The Paul E. Awards

Pro Wrestling April 1992

The Ultimatum is at Hand



ECW Hardcore TV October 1993

A New Dangerous Alliance

ECW Hardcore TV June 1994

WCW Wants Sabu

ECW Hardcore TV July 1994

Wrestler and Violence

ECW Hardcore TV November 1994

Winds of Change

ECW Hardcore TV December 1994

Cash Rules Everything

ECW Hardcore TV January 1995

Best Damn Wrestling You’ve Ever Seen

ECW February 1996

There Ain’t No Organization Like ECW

ECW February 1997

ECW Comes to Pay-Per-View

ECW March 1998

We Cleared Cablevision!

ECW Guilty As Charged January 1999

The Card Has Changed

ECW on TNN June 2000

The War Has Just Begun




Photo of Vince Sr. & Andre

Riding in Blassie’s Car

Troubles in Memphis

The Mole

Borrowing Time

Conference Call

Paul Heyman Guy



Real Story?

PG Era

Statute of Limitations

In Your Face

More Extreme



SmackDown 15 November 2001

Paul Heyman Hates Mr. McMahon’s Stinkin’ Guts

RAW 8 April 2002

Introducing: “The Next Big Thing”

RAW 23 May 2005

Paul Heyman, Mr. McMahon & Eric Bischoff All Share One Ring

ECW One Night Stand 12 June 2005

Paul Heyman Thanks the ECW Faithful

ECW One Night Stand 11 June 2006

The Resurrection of ECW

ECW 12 September 2006

From the Bingo Hall to the Garden

Raw 28 January 2013

Mr. McMahon Gives Paul Heyman a Performance Review

RAW 11 February 2013

Paul Heyman Gives CM Punk His Resignation

RAW 15 July 2013

It’s Clobbering Time for CM Punk

RAW 21 October 2013


RAW 3 March 2014

Paul Heyman Drops a Pipe Bomb




Main Event 21 January 1989***

The Original Midnight Express vs. The New Midnight Express

Judgment Day 19 May 2002

Hardy Boyz vs. Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman

Night of Champions 15 September 2013

No Disqualification Handicap Elimination Match

CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman