DVD - Jerry Lawler: it's good to be the King (3 DVD)

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Before Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler became one of the signature voices of WWE he was one of the greatest competitors in all of sports entertainment. For the first time ever, get a glimpse into The King’s illustrious career as he gives insight into all of his most memorable matches and moments. From his early days performing in Memphis to his legendary feud with comedy icon Andy Kaufman, to his arrival in WWE, this set is a must-have for any fan of sports entertainment. With a successful career spanning over four decades, it’s easy to see that it’s good to be The King.


Early Years                                                                                          

High School                                                                                         

Growing up a Memphis Wrestling Fan                                           

Father Passes Away                                                                           

Jerry’s Art Teacher                                                                             

Jerry’s Start in Wrestling                                                                    

Passing the Torch                                                                                               

Family Life as a Wrestler                                                                  

Building a Star                                                                                    

A New Beginning for Memphis Wrestling                                      

Andy Kaufman                                                                                  

Memphis Wrestling in the 1980’s                                                    

Jerry’s Start in the WWE                                                                   

Announcing Career                                                                            

Running for Mayor of Memphis                                                     

Leaving & Returning to the WWE                                                  

Hall of Fame                                                                                       

1st WWE Title Match                                                                         

WrestleMania 27                                                                                                

Heart Attack    

Memphis Wrestling: April 25th, 1981                                              

Jerry Lawler vs. Terry Funk (Empty Arena Match)

Memphis Wrestling: April 5, 1982                                                   

Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman

Memphis Wrestling: June 6th, 1983                                                 

Jerry Lawler vs. “Superstar” Bill Dundee

AWA Wrestling: October 20th, 1984                                

Jerry Lawler vs. Eddie Gilbert

AWA Wrestling: March 12th, 1988                                                  

Jerry Lawler vs. Curt Hennig

AWA Superstars: May 29th, 1988                                                   

Jerry Lawler on Being AWA Champion

WCCW Wrestling: September 29th, 1988                                       

Jerry Lawler vs. Kerry Von Erich

Prime Time Wrestling: December 7th, 1992                                   

Jerry Lawler’s WWE Debut

Raw: April 5th, 1993                                                                           

Jerry Lawler vs. Jim Powers

Wrestling Challenge: May 23rd, 1993                                             

King’s Court with Giant Gonzales

King of the Ring: June 13th, 1993                                                    

Jerry Lawler interrupts Bret Hart’s coronation

Raw: July 19th, 1993                                                                          

King’s Court with Tiny Tim


Wrestling Challenge: July 25th, 1993                                               

Jerry Lawler vs. Owen Hart

Raw: July 26th, 1993                                                                          

Bret Hart vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Raw: April 11th, 1994                                                                         
King Foolish

Raw: June 6th, 1994                                                                           

King’s Court with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

King of the Ring: June 19th, 1994                                                    

Jerry Lawler vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

White Plains, NY: September, 28th, 1994                                       

Jerry Lawler vs. The Undertaker (Casket Match)

Raw: January 9, 1995                                                                       

King’s Court with William Shatner

Raw: June 5th, 1995                                                                           

Kiss My Foot Match Training #1

Raw: June 12th, 1995                                                                         

Kiss My Foot Match Training #2

King of the Ring: June 25th, 1995                                                    

Jerry Lawler vs. Bret Hart

Superstars: March 23rd, 1996                                                           

Jerry Lawler vs. Al Jackson

Summerslam: August 18th, 1996                                                     

Jerry Lawler vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Raw: March 10, 1997                                                                       

The Great Debate

Shotgun Saturday Night: June 14th, 1997                                      

Jerry Lawer & Rob Van Dam vs. The Headbangers

ECW Hardcore Heaven: August 17th, 1997                                  

Jerry Lawler vs. Tommy Dreamer

Shotgun Saturday Night: October 4th, 1997                                  

Jerry Lawler & Brian Christopher vs. Flash Funk & Scott Taylor

Sumerslam: August 27th, 2000                                                         

Jerry Lawler vs. Tazz

Raw: November 29, 2004                                                                

Jerry Lawler vs. Ric Flair (Legends Match)

Hall of Fame: March 31st, 2007                                                      

Jerry Lawler Hall of Fame Induction

Raw: November 29, 2010                                                                

Jerry Lawler vs. The Miz (TLC Match for WWE Championship)

Wrestlemania 27: April 3rd, 2011                                                    

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole