DVD ROH - Straight Shootin Series with Jim Mitchell (Pari al nuovo)

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Straight Shootin'
with Jim Mitchell

Straight Shootin' With Jim Mitchell is one of the most honest, informative and entertaining shoot interviews you'll ever witness. Mitchell is an open book in talking about life both in and out of the ring. You will definitely hear some eye opening stories in this shoot!

Mitchell goes into detail in discussing everything from his days as Daryl Van Horne in Smoky Mountain Wrestling to his time in WCW to being the Sinister Minister in ECW all the way to working for NWA TNA. Mitchell talks about it all from the top stars he worked with to his controversial promos in SMW to when his hand blew up in ECW to the Blood Runs Cold gimmick in WCW including why it didn't work.

Why did Jim Cornette blow up at him in SMW? What discouraging thing did Kevin Sullivan first say to him when he entered WCW? What were the final days of ECW like? Why isn't he still with NWA TNA? Why hasn't he gone to WWE? Mitchell answers all these questions and much, much more!!!

Even more eye opening than the information on working for some of wrestling's biggest promotions is the behind the scenes stories Mitchell reveals. You'll hear all about exploits with female fans, life on the road and of course party stories. Mitchell even talks about one wrestler that used to beat him up and why he pulled a gun on him. We do need to warn you because this material is not for all audiences.

Straight Shootin' With Jim Mitchell will entertain you from beginning to end. You'll learn about the wrestling business while hearing some incredible stories from this managerial great.