DVD Rob Van Dam: One of a Kind (DVD Doppio)

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- 360m Regione 2
(DVD doppio) - gira su qualsiasi lettore dvd e Playstation - PAL

There's nobody in sports entertainment like Rob Van Dam. Period. Opponents and fans alike expect the unexpected when the self-proclaimed "Whole F'n Show" strikes with his high-flying, martial arts-based style.

Follow his amazing career on this 2-disc, 6-hour journey from WCW, to ECW, and finally, WWE, with 16 complete matches, hosted and introduced by RVD himself. Plus...over an hour of bonus features, interviews, promos and more. RVD truly is ONE OF A KIND.

Match Listing:

vs. Pat Rose
(WCW Saturady Night 23/01/93)

vs. Scotty Flamingo
(WCW Worldwide 08/02/93)

vs. Axl Rotten
(ECW Hardcore TV 05/01/96)

vs. Sabu
(ECW Hostile City Showdown 20/04/96)

vs. Sabu
(ECW Hardcore Heaven 22/06/96)

Sabu & RVD vs. The Eliminators
(ECW Crossing The Line 01/02/97)

vs. Lance Storm
(ECW Barely Legal 13/04/97)

vs. Jeff Hardy
(Raw 12/05/97)

vs. Tommy Dreamer
(ECW November 2 Remember 30/11/97)

vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
(ECW Hardcore TV 04/04/98)

vs. Jerry Lynn
(ECW Living Dangerously 21/03/99)

vs. Balls Mahoney
(ECW Anarchy Rulz 16/09/99)

vs. Jerry Lynn
(ECW Guilty as Charged 07/01/01)

vs. Jeff Hardy
(WWE Invasion 22/07/01)

vs. Chris Jericho
(WWE King of the Ring 23/06/02)

vs. Christian
(Raw 29/09/03)