DVD ECW The Best of Cactus Jack (Pari al nuovo)

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Your Host is Joey Styles
1. Opening Cactus Jack montage
2. Match 1: Jack vs. Sabu (w/ Paul E and 911). Brutal hardcore fight between the two hardcore legends. Lots of tables, lots of high impact. 3 stars. Shane Douglas, Mr. Hughes and the Bruise Brothers also appear.
3. Cactus Jack promo followed by a Paul E. promo
4. Clips of Mikey and Cactus beating Public Enemy for the tag belts. Cactus and Mikey promo.
5. Match 2: Cactus Jack and Mikey Whipwreck vs. the Public Enemy. Crazy, arena-spanning brawl. Lots of tables and a balcony dive. 4 stars.
6. Cactus promo where he recruits Kevin Sullivan to replace an injured Mikey. Match highlights, Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan vs. the Public Enemy where Sullivan betrays Cactus. Cactus and Mikey promo.
7. The Cactus-Sandman/Funk feud: Cactus promo (where Woman interrupts and Sandman attacks). Match Highlights 1: Match between Cactus and the Sandman (Sandman gets KILLED). Match Highlights 2: Sandman jumps Cactus, Terry Funk helps Sandman and Shane Douglas makes the save.
8. Cactus Jack and Shane Douglas promo. Match Highlights: Cactus and Douglas vs. Sandman and Funk, featuring the flaming branding iron!!!
9. Match 3: Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk. Battle of the two hardcore legends. Brutal match with even crazier spots with the flaming branding iron. 4 stars.
10. The Cactus-Douglas feud. A Cactus/Douglas promo. Clips of the world title match between Cactus and Sandman where Douglas interferes and costs Jack from winning the title.
11. Match 4: Barbed-Wire Match - Cactus Jack vs. the Sandman: INSANE match with barbed-wire. Slow start at first but it snowballs as the action goes on. Lots of blood, lots of barb-wire, lots of caning, ALL HARDCORE. 5 stars.
12. The Cactus-Dreamer "Anti-Hardcore" feud. Clips of Dreamer/Cactus vs. Raven/Stevie Richards.
13. Montage of Cactus Jacks Anti-Hardcore promos. ONE OF THE DVD HIGHLIGHTS. This is the collection of some of Foley's BEST promos ever. Great footage of Mick at home for X-mas and at parks around the country cutting on the ECW fans and hardcore wrestling in general. 10 stars
14. Match 5: Dreamer vs. Cactus and Raven. Standard hardcore fare, tables, barbed- wire, etc. 3 stars. Dreamer promo
15. Match 6: Tommy Dreamer/Terry Funk vs. Cactus Jack/Raven: All-out "garbage-match" hardcore war. ALL kinds of plunder. Everything gets used from dust pans to VCR. Tazz and Richards also appear. 4 stars.
16. The Cactus-Mikey Feud: Cactus promo with Raven and Mikey. Cactus-Mikey promo. Clips Cactus and Mikey vs. the Eliminators where Cactus betrays Mikey.
17. Match 7: Cactus Jack vs. Shane Douglas. Douglas returns to face Cactus Jack. Outstanding psychological contest. Hard-fought, old-school style wrestling with a good mix of hardcore warfare. Classic Douglas. Features handcuffs and chairs. Mikey screws Cactus. 5 stars. Cactus' famous "Doritos" promo on Mikey.
18. Mick Foley's Last ECW Appearance...Match 8: Cactus Jack vs. Mikey Whipwreck. Great athletic contest, solid spots. 4 stars.
19. Post-match: Cactus' Farewell Speech. Replay of the Cactus Jack montage and an ending skit with the Blue Meanie and Stevie Richards.