History of Professional Wrestling: WWF 1963-1989

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Since 2002, The History of WWE.com has served as the premiere online resource for the in- and out-of-the-ring histories of multiple wrestling companies. Now, for the first time in print, you have access to the thousands of dates, cities and ring results that comprise pro wrestling's past. You can now find the hidden gems, the main events that drew thousands and the ones that only drew flies. This first volume in "The History of Professional Wrestling" series contains EVERY known result from the World Wrestling Federation from it's inception in 1963 all the way through 1989. Did you know…? While Buddy Rogers was recognized as WWWF World Champion for the better part of 4 months, he wasn’t presented with the title belt until mere weeks before his title loss to Bruno Sammartino? The WWWF was operated as a territory in the northeastern United States. But in the days before a national or global audience, it was not uncommon to see the heavyweight champion in Japan, Canada, Florida, Nashville, Indianapolis, or California. And he would often bring his belt to defend against the local star. Bruno Sammartino was “defeated” for the heavyweight crown a few times by the likes of Gorilla Monsoon, Ray Stevens and Prof. Tanaka. The title was returned on a technicality. WWWF action aired on HBO as early as 1973. Top names like King Kong Bundy, Curt Hennig, Jim Duggan, Eddie Gilbert, and Mick Foley all had their start on TV as enhancement talent during the timeframe of this book. Many marquee matches at TV tapings never saw the light of day in the U.S. but some were later televised exclusively in Europe or Canada. During the expansion of the 1980s, fans of other wrestling organizations didn’t always appreciate the WWF product when it debuted in their area. Often, even with Hulk Hogan on the card, hosting events in a new part of the U.S. was not an immediate success when it came to attendance. And there are countless others you’ll come across in this incredible "History of Professional Wrestling" series!