DVD XPW Baptised in Blood II (Pari al nuovo)

    Tempi di consegna:1-3 giorni lavorativi
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- 150m - Regione 0

Tournament Round 1
- Beds of Barbed Wire and Nailz
- Beds of Light Bulbs and Broken Glass
- Barbed wire ladder and beds of thumbtacks
- Beds of barbed wire and thumbtacks

Tournament Round 2
- Beds of barbed wire, broken glass and light bulbs
- Beds of nailz, barned wire and thumbtacks

Tournament Finals
- No rope, barbed wire, beds of everything deathmatch

XPW King of the deathmatch title match
- The Messiah vs. Winner of the tournament

The original Gangsta New Jack vs. Dybamite D.

The Messiah vs. Tool

Juventud Guerrera vs. Kid Kaos