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Even if you're not a long time wrestling fan or hardcore division fan, you'll still feel right at home from the very beginning of this documentary on hardcore. The movie is hosted by former ECW Champion and Multi-Time WWF(e) Hardcore Champion, Tazz, so there's no question as to whether or not he knows what he's talking about. Right off the bat, various WWE superstars, hardcore or not, give their own definitions of what exactly "hardcore" is, and what it means to be hardcore. Soon after the movie begins, you'll have been educated on hardcore and the fact that it's not just a title, it's a way of life.

Next up on the agenda is a full chapter dedicated to the Hardcore Legend himself, Mick Foley, complete with interviews, his picks on some of his most hardcore matches, and clips of some of the most brutal moments in his illustrious career, including his street fight with Triple H at the Royal Rumble, and many other moments from the WWF and various other promotions around the globe.

Also featured in this film is some early action that will really give fans a sense of how the hardcore division was when it first started out, and a good history as to previous champions and how it evolved into what it is today. From there, the DVD goes on to cover "who is hardcore", including a unique look at some of the women of hardcore and their infamous locker room brawls.

Moving on, the DVD covers another one of the matches that shaped just what hardcore is - the Al Snow versus Hardcore Holly match that saw both men battle all the way out of the arena, across the street, and right down into the Mississippi River! Appropriately following that match, there are some rather humorous interviews with wrestlers recalling their worst injuries as a result of hardcore matches. These interviews are worth it for the humor alone, especially the words of wisdom from the likes of Chris Jericho and Mick Foley.

More in depth coverage of some classic hardcore matches including a six man battle royal and the now legendary Mick Foley versus Triple H is shown, and then we are treated to another important part of the DVD, especially for newer wrestling fans - a segment on the Hardcore Title 24/7 Rule, and some clips from early 24/7 matches that mostly deteriorated into unsanctioned battle royal matches or three on one attacks.

In another interview-heavy portion of this movie, we're treated to some of the most hardcore superstars' memories of their favorite matches, followed by an in depth chapter on the A.P.A. and their impact on the hardcore division, including some sick bumps that were delivered along the way, including Shane McMahon and his much talked about 50-foot fall from near the top of the arena during SummerSlam 2000.

Lastly, Tazz introduces a few final clips that help "mop" up the DVD into a very fitting ending. As was mentioned before, this DVD definitely serves its purpose in giving WWF(e) fans, new or old, a vividly detailed history on the Hardcore Championship and the hardcore division, long with some great clips of brutal moments and hilarious happenings along the way. If you call yourself a wrestling fan, and you don't already own this disc, do yourself a favor and go buy it right now.

The Extras

Even though the video and sound on this disc may not be all that you were hoping for when you heard that WWF Hardcore was getting the special DVD treatment, your complaints will mean nothing after checking out this huge extras section, including a whopping 20 bonus hardcore matches from the WWE's past. Here's a complete breakdown of the awesomeness:

Hardcore Holly vs. Bart Gunn - Raw - 2/22/99 - Chattanooga, TN - Lots of glass gets shattered, and nearly everything from ringside (including a watermelon and a crate of bananas) is used in this title match from the early days of hardcore.

Crash Test - Smackdown - 2/24/00 - Nashville, TN - Crash Holly takes on the big man, Test, in a hardcore match with some unexpected interference from Crash's cousin Bob at the end.

24/7 is Born - Smackdown - 3/2/00 - Trenton, NJ - Tazz and Crash Holly's hardcore brawl all over the arena quickly deteriorates into a giant display of mass confusion that unsuspectingly goes on to make hardcore title history with the creation of the 24/7 rule.

Laundry 24/7 - Smackdown - 3/9/00 - Boston, MA - The Mean Street Posse interrupts Crash while he's doing his laundry, attacking him in an attempt to capture the hardcore gold. The end result is one of the funniest segments in wrestling history.

Airport 24/7 - Raw - 3/13/00 - Meadowlands, NJ - Another funny Hardcore Title segment involving Crash Holly and the Mean Street Posse. Unfortunately this segment suffers from its lack of commentary.

Funtime U.S.A. - Smackdown - 3/16/00 - Long Island, NY - In the funniest of all 24/7 segments (and possibly one of the funniest WWF segments of all time), The Headbangers chase Crash Holly through an amusement park in attempt to capture the HC gold.

Crash vs. Hardcore Holly - Raw - 3/27/00 - Houston, TX - The Hardcore Cousins go at it in an attempt to find out which of the two it truly the most hardcore, but they are rudely interrupted by a gang of uninvited guests looking for the title.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy - Smackdown - 4/27/00 - Charlotte, NC - This match is a brother versus brother collision in which the two siblings battle to see which one will walk out with the hardcore belt around their waist.

Hardcore Brisco - Smackdown - 5/18/00 - Detroit, MI - In another absolutely hilarious 24/7 segment, Gerald Brisco, one half of Mr. McMahon's stooges, pins a sleeping Crash Holly for the Hardcore Championship. The end result? Comedic genius!

Hardcore Patterson - Raw - 6/19/00 - Nashville, TN - A title celebration takes a turn for the worst when Pat Paterson attacks fellow stooge Gerald Brisco in an attempt at capturing the title.

Big Boss Man vs. Steve Blackman - Raw - 9/4/00 - Lexington, KY - Another traditional hardcore style match with all the weapons and fixings that make the hardcore division so great, but to be honest, this match isn't anything too spectacular.

Edge & Christian vs. Steve Blackman - Raw - 10/2/00 - Washington, DC - Edge and Christian managed to con their way into a supposed "triple threat" hardcore match that turned out to be more of a 2 on 1 assault than anything. As always, E&C are good for a laugh, and a great match while they're at it.

Steve Blackman vs. Tazz - Smackdown - 10/19/00 - Cleveland, OH - Blackman has a grand ole time beating the hell out of Tazz with everything he can lay his hands on in this hardcore title match.

Tiger Ali Singh vs. Steve Blackman - Raw - 11/30/00 - Ames, IA - This isn't the greatest hardcore match in the world, but it's pretty funny, especially some of the commentary that goes along with it.

Raven vs. Undertaker - Smackdown - 12/14/00 - Little Rock, AR - The Undertaker captures his first ever hardcore title in his first ever hardcore match by pinning Raven for the 1-2-3 after a vicious last ride through an announce table.

Triple Threat - Raw - 2/21/01 - Phoenix, AZ - In The Rock's first ever "official" hardcore match, he takes on The Big Show and Kurt Angle and lays the smack down on each of their candy-asses like only "The Great One" can.

WrestleMania X-Seven - 4/1/01 - Houston, TX - Kane, The Big Show, and Raven battle all throughout the Astrodome in Houston, going through walls, steel fencing and even a piece of the WMX7 staging in one of the most memorable hardcore title matches in recent history.

Backlash 2001 - 4/29/01 - Chicago, IL - Two of ECW's former greats, Raven and Rhyno, lock up in a hardcore match and take it to the extreme, like only they know how. Any ECW fans should see this, although it seems watered down compared to old school ECW.

Judgment Day 2001 - 5/20/01 - Sacramento, CA - Test, The Big Show, and the champion Rhyno go at it all over the arena in a hardcore match that saw a brand new innovation in an attempt at victory - the wall pin!

Big Show vs. Rhyno - Raw 5/21/01 - San Jose, CA - In a rematch from the pay-per-view the night before, the Big Show and Rhyno put another hardcore clinic, only without the third man from Judgment Day, Test.