UMD - Rob Van Dam - One of a Kind

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Disco UMD per Playstation Portatile. Edizione con copertina in italiano.
Durata: 127 minuti


There's nobody in sports entertainment like Rob Van Dam. Period. Opponents and fans alike expect the unexpected when the self-proclaimed "Whole F'n Show" strikes with his high-flying, martial arts-based style.

Match Listing:

vs. Scotty Flamingo
(WCW Worldwide 08/02/93)

vs. Axl Rotten
(ECW Hardcore TV 05/01/96)

Sabu & RVD vs. The Eliminators
(ECW Crossing The Line 01/02/97)

vs. Lance Storm
(ECW Barely Legal 13/04/97)

vs. Jerry Lynn
(ECW Living Dangerously 21/03/99)

vs. Jeff Hardy
(WWE Invasion 22/07/01)

vs. Christian
(Raw 29/09/03)