DVD The Rock - The People's Champ (Pari al nuovo)

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This is the greatest DVD about the Rock ever!It shows some of his classic moments,great matches,and best promos.Here are some they include;

The Rock talking smack about various superstars;mainly the Undertaker.

The Rock vs Triple H vs The Undertaker on Raw-June 1999.

The Rocks promo against the Undertaker on Heat before the 1999 King of the Ring.

The Rock vs The Undertaker at the 1999 King of the Ring for the WWF title.

The Rock when he use to play college football for the Miami Dolphins.

The Rock vs Triple H in an cage match on Raw-July 1999.

Various fans imitating the Rock.

The Rocks promo on Billy Gunn on Heat in 1999.(This is where the Rocks famous It Dosen't Matter catchphrase is born).

The Rock/Billy Gunn feud.

The Rock vs Billy Gunn at SummerSlam 1999 in an kiss my a.. match.

The Rock vs Triple H for the WWF title on SmackDowns Debut in August of 1999 with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee.

The Rock meeting various pro athletes.

The Rock/Mankind vs The Undertaker and the Big Show on Raw in August of 1999 for the tag team titles.(This is where the famous Rock n Sock connection is born).

Clips of The Rock n Sock connection against other tag teams.

The famous This is Your Life Rock, party for The Rock on Raw in September of 1999 presented by Mankind.

The Rock n Sock connection back together against the Big Bossman and Prince Albert on Raw in 1999.

Some of the Rocks funniest promos;One on an old lady in the arena hallway,and one on two police officers involving the Stone Cold investigation.

The Rock/Al Snow feud.

The Rock vs Al Snow in an cage match on SmackDown-December 1999.

The Rock/Big Show feud.

The Rock's 2000 Royal Rumble win.

The Rock's new book at the time entitled;The Rock Says and autographs signings by The Rock.

Also DVD extras.