Libro - This is Wrestling (Sovracoperta leggermente strappata)

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Formato atlante - 64 pagine illustrate a colori sui campioni dei primi anni 90

This is Wrestling! Today's Stars Tomorrows Legends Hardcover Book by George Napolitano is a 64 page full color large size book from 1993 featuring Ric Flair, Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bruno Sammartino, Sting, Nasty Boys, Steiner Brothers, Andre The Giant, Lex Lugar, Mr Perfect, LOD, Undertaker, Rick Rude, Paul Bearer, Ron Simmons, Vader, Honkey Tonk Man, Brian Pillman, Papa Shango, Kamala, Bret Hart and just about every popluar Wreslter from the 1990's. (A Must Have for Any Wrestling Fan!!)