Royal Rumble Anthology vol. 1 (1988-1992)

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Le prime 5 Royal Rumble integrali in DVD !
14 ore !


Royal Rumble 1988
1:00:42:02 Signature
1:01:03:16 Open
1:02:48:13 Ravishing Rick Rude vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
1:23:33:20 Dino Bravo Weightlifting Challenge
1:39:59:04 World Wrestling Federation Women’s Tag Team Championship 2 out of 3 Falls Match The Glamour Girls v. The Jumping Bomb Angels
1:59:24:00 Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan History Recap
2:05:32:14 Hulk Hogan/Andre The Giant Wrestlemania IV Contract Signing
2:17:01:28 Royal Rumble Match
2:54:22:15 Craig DeGeorge interviews Hulk Hogan
2:58:23:00 2 out of 3 Falls Tag Team Match The Islanders vs. The Young Stallions
3:08:21:00 Craig DeGeorge Interviews Million Dollar Man and Andre The Giant
3:12:42:27 2 out of 3 Falls Tag Team Match: 2nd Fall The Islanders vs. The Young Stallions
3:21:20:28 Vince McMahon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura
3:24:24:23 OUT

Royal Rumble 1989
1:00:43:02 Signature
1:01:03:10  Open
1:03:58:03  2 out of 3 Falls Match Dino Bravo & Fabulous Rougeau Bros. vs.Jim Duggan & The Hart Foundation
1:26:33:14  Superstars draw numbers for the Rumble
1:29:02:19  Super Pose Down Ravishing Rick Rude vs. The Ultimate Warrior
1:45:20:25  Women’s Championship Match Rockin’ Robin vs. Judy Martin
1:53:58:11  Sean Mooney Interviews the Twin Towers with Slick
1:56:10:03  Gene Okerlund Interviews Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan
1:56:57:11  Managers Talk about the Royal Rumble
1:59:04:28  King Haku vs. Harley Race
2:12:33:13  A Few Words From the Royal Rumble Participants
2:21:54:08  Royal Rumble Match
3:30:33:06  Gene Okerlund Interviews Macho Man Randy Savage
3:32:04:08  Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura Talk about the Rumble
3:33:32:14  OUT

Royal Rumble 1990
1:00:42:14 Signature
1:01:03:18 Open
1:03:52:23 The Fabulous Rougeau Bros. vs. The Bushwhackers
1:20:26:20 Gene Okerlund Interviews Million Dollar Man and Virgil 
1:22:11:12 The Genius vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake
1:37:38:08 Sean Mooney Interviews The Heenan family
1:39:05:18 Submission Match Rugged Ronnie Garvin vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
1:57:45:15 Gene Okerlund Interviews Mr. Perfect
1:59:52:16 Brother Love Interviews Sensational Queen Sherri and Saphire
2:12:20:14 Sean Mooney Interviews Hacksaw Jim Duggan
2:13:20:28 Big Bossman vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
2:27:48:22 A Few Words From the Royal Rumble Participants 
2:38:38:02 Rumble Match
3:42:19:00 OUT

Royal Rumble 1991
1:00:42:14  Signature
1:00:43:14  National Anthem
1:03:11:03  Open
1:06:21:03  The Rockers vs. Orient Express
1:27:43:24  Sean Mooney Interviews Macho King Randy Savage
1:36:34:22  Big Boss Man vs. Barbarian
1:52:58:27  Sean Mooney Interviews Sgt. Slaughter
1:55:13:13  Gene Okerlund Interviews Ultimate Warrior
1:56:30:20  World Wrestling Federation Championship Match Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter
2:13:46:11  Koko B. Ware vs. The Mountie
2:25:12:07  Sean Mooney Interviews Macho King
2:27:10:17  Gene Okerlund Interviews Sgt. Slaughter
2:29:58:24  Fan Well Wishes to the Troops
2:32:47:25  A Few Words From the Royal Rumble Participants
2:37:38:20  Sean Mooney Interviews Million Dollar Man
2:38:48:14  Dusty & Dustin Rhodes vs. Million Dollar Man / Virgil
2:55:03:12  Gene Okerlund Interviews Hulk Hogan
2:57:03:04  Royal Rumble Match
4:07:13:26  OUT

Royal Rumble 1992
1:00:42:15 Signature
1:01:02:15 Open
1:03:45:06 The Orient Express vs. The New Foundation
1:23:42:08 Alfred Hayes Recaps Bret Hart losing the Intercontinental Championship 
1:25:35:24 Sean Mooney Interviews The Mountie
1:37:38:08 Intercontinential Championship The Mountie vs. Roddy Piper
1:37:49:14 Alfred Hayes Interviews Hulk Hogan
1:38:52:18 Beverly Bros. vs. The Bushwhackers
2:00:40:01 World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship Match Legion of Doom vs. The Natural Disaster 2:15:16:12 Sean Mooney Interviews the Natural Disasters
2:17:30:18 Gene Okerlund Interviews Rowdy Roddy Piper
2:18:29:16 Sean Mooney Interviews Shawn Michaels
2:20:34:07 Alfred Hayes Interviews Ric Flair
2:21:47:02 A Few Words From the Royal Rumble Participants
2:27:49:18 Royal Rumble Match 
3:36:28:29 Ric Flair is awarded the Heavyweight Championship
3:38:45:15 Royal Rumble Highlights
3:40:15:20 OUT