DVD Mick Foley: Hard Knocks & Cheap Pops

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I capitoli del dvd: 1. Al Snow 2. Rock 'N' Sock Connection 3. Cactus Jack Returns 4. Royal Rumble 2K Street Fight 5. No Way Out 2K Hell In The Cell 6. Wrestlemania 2K 7. Commissioner Foley Is Here 8. The Cheap Pop Story 9. Edge & Christian With The Commissioner 10. Stephanie-McMahon Helmsley 11. Commissioner Foley's Agenda 12. The Commissioner As Enforcer 13. Foley vs. Stone Cold 14. Foley vs. Mr. McMahon 15. The Legacy Of Mick Foley.

I bonus match:
1. Mankind (vs) Shawn Michaels (In Your House: Mind Games, 1996/WWE Championship) 2. Mankind (vs) Stone Cold Steve Austin (Raw, November, 1996) 3. Mankind (vs) The Rock (Halftime Heat, January 1999/WWE Championship) 4. Dude Love (vs) Stone Cold Steve Austin (Fully Loaded, May 1998/WWE Championship) 5. Al Snow (vs) Big Bossman (Unforgiven, 1999/Kennel In A Cell Match)