Libro - Arn Anderson - 4 Ever - A look behind the curtain

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My autobiography is about the wrestling business and my 15 years in it. I will discuss the Horseman days, WWF and my career before Ole & I became a tag team. The book will have other interesting pieces from my time on the road, and my relationships with other wrestlers and promoters. The book will also be forewarded by Ric Flair. I encourage you to read it if you want to know the "real" story about the "Enforcer" and look behind the curtain at a day in the life of a professional wrestler...

From the Publisher

This book is a must for anyone who is a fan of prowrestling! The truth about wrestling once and for all revealed by a man who lived it. Nobody tells it like Arn,straight and to the point. The inside stories of events and people in pro wrestling from Ric Flair and the Minnesota wrecking crew to the modern day Nwo,and everything in between. This is a powerful,true life story filled with wit and wisdom thats not just for wrestling fans. Its a success story about a man who became a legend. Its about clawing and scratching your way to the top,and the sacrifices made along the way. You will love this book!