DVD Forever Hardcore - Director's Cut (Pari al nuovo)

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- 128m, Regione zero, PAL
La vera storia della ECW e dell'Hardcore

Video Description

Forever Hardcore tells the amazing story of how tod gordon's eastern championship wrestling got hardcore. Hear straight from the mouths of these misfits, outcasts, and renegades how - from a dive bingo hall in south Philadelphia - they helped usher in a new era in professional wrestling and revolutionized their sport forever. This is an uncensored journey through the highs and lows of a group of athletes who were never supposed to make it and their reflections on why they will be FOREVER HARDCORE. Hear from SHANE DOUGLAS, RAVEN, TOD GORDON, TERRY FUNK, SANDMAN, SABU and many more


A rundown bingo hall in South Philadelphia is hardly a likely venue for a pro-wrestling revolution to take place. But take place it did, and now the rebels who made it happen--former ECW wrestlers Shane Douglas, Raven, Tod Gordon, Terry Funk, Sandman, Sabu, et al--talk about their highs, lows, and why they will be Forever Hardcore.