Libro - Bret Hart: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling

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A Story of Death, Sex, Betrayal, and Revenge; Sweat, Steriods and Duplicity - Bret Hart lifts the lid on the wacky, mythic, secretive word of pro wrestling in this epic tell-all. Bret Hart achieved superstardom in pink tights and won titles across the globe. But there is a dark underside to wrestling's stagey showmanship and Bret paid the price. There were betrayals: most famously by Vince McMahon, a man he had served loyally; and there were tragic deaths: including the loss of his brother Owen, who died when a stunt went terribly wrong. During his roller-coaster 20-year career, Bret kept an audio diary, recording life on the road: the relentless travel, the practical jokes, the sex, the drugs, the rivalries. Now, his riveting, self-written, no-holds-barred account blows apart the mysterious world of wrestling.