DVD Tombstone: the History of the Undertaker

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- 547m Regione 2
(DVD TRIPLO) - gira su qualsiasi lettore dvd e Playstation - PAL

Disk 1
Survivor Series 1991 vs. Hulk Hogan

Royal Rumble 1994 vs. Yokozuna

WrestleMania XII 1996 vs. Diesel

In Your House Buried Alive vs. Mankind

In Your House Revenge of Taker vs. Mankind

SummerSlam 1997 vs. Bret Hart


- Undertaker attacks Hulk Hogan at the Funeral Parlor
- Undertaker builds a casket for Yokozuna
- Undertaker in the graveyard talking about Diesel
- Undertaker in the graveyard talking about Mankind
- Undertaker interrupts Mankind's interview

Disk 2

In Your House Ground Zero vs. Shawn Michaels

In Your House Badd Blood - Hell in a Cell Match vs. Shawn Michaels

WrestleMania XIV vs. Kane

Unforgiven 1998 - Inferno Match vs. Kane

King of the Ring 1998 - Hell in a Cell Match vs. Mankind

King of the Ring 1999 vs. The Rock


- Undertaker interview about Shawn Michaels
- Undertaker talking to his parents' tombstones
- Undertaker interview - Kane burns his parents' tombstone
- Undertaker breaks into Paul Bearer's house and mauls him

Disk 3

Fully Loaded 1999 - First Blood Match vs. Stone Cold

WrestleMania XVII vs. Triple H

Judgment Day 2002 vs. Hulk Hogan

No Mercy 2002 - Hell in a Cell Match vs. Brock Lesnar

Vengeance 2003 vs. John Cena

Survivor Series 2003 - Buried Alive Match vs. Mr. McMahon

WrestleMania XX vs. Kane


- Undertaker interview about Triple H
- Undertaker promo on Hulk Hogan
- Undertaker talking about the Hell in a Cell
- Undertaker in the graveyard promo on Mr. McMahoN