Royal Rumble Anthology - 1992 & 1993

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Cofanetto 2 DVD, Leggibile da qualsiasi lettore DVD
Esclusiva - In Inglese

Royal Rumble 1992
1:00:42:15 Signature
1:01:02:15 Open
1:03:45:06 The Orient Express vs. The New Foundation
1:23:42:08 Alfred Hayes Recaps Bret Hart losing the Intercontinental Championship
1:25:35:24 Sean Mooney Interviews The Mountie
1:37:38:08 Intercontinential Championship The Mountie vs. Roddy Piper
1:37:49:14 Alfred Hayes Interviews Hulk Hogan
1:38:52:18 Beverly Bros. vs. The Bushwhackers
2:00:40:01 World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship Match Legion of Doom vs. The Natural Disaster
2:15:16:12 Sean Mooney Interviews the Natural Disasters
2:17:30:18 Gene Okerlund Interviews Rowdy Roddy Piper
2:18:29:16 Sean Mooney Interviews Shawn Michaels
2:20:34:07 Alfred Hayes Interviews Ric Flair
2:21:47:02 A Few Words From the Royal Rumble Participants
2:27:49:18 Royal Rumble Match
3:36:28:29 Ric Flair is awarded the Heavyweight Championship
3:38:45:15 Royal Rumble Highlights
3:40:15:20 OUT

Royal Rumble 1993
1:00:42:13 WWE Signature
1:01:03:19 Open
1:01:48:00 Beverly Brothers vs. Steiner Brothers
1:15:41:26 WWE Intercontinental Championship Match Marty Jannetty vs. Shawn Michaels
1:38:26:26 Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Big Boss Man
1:50:54:24 WWE Championship Match Bret Hart vs. Razor Ramon
2:23:07:03 Caesar makes an Announcement
2:27:25:21 Royal Rumble Match
3:36:57:28 Royal Rumble Highlights
3:38:34:26 OUT

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