DVD Twist of Fate - Hardy Boyz Story (DVD Doppio)

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- 6 ore, Regione 2
DVD Doppio)- gira su qualsiasi lettore dvd e Playstation - PAL (Lingue: inglese, tedesco, francese)

Disc One – The Matt Hardy Story

Matt Hardy was born to wrestle – from his earliest days in homemade rings he and his brother created through his unbelievable matches on SmackDown. The road to the top wasn’t always smooth, including some behind-the-scenes battles with other superstars that spilled into the ring. This DVD tells Matt’s complete story, and collects some amazing matches.

Driven to be Successful
The Trampoline Days
The Big Time
Wrestlers Become Stars
Team Extreme
Back on RAW
Love Triangle
Hardyz Reunion
The MVP Challenges
The Future is Bright

No DQ; No Count Out Match
Matt Hardy vs. Kane
Vengeance (11/07/04)

Steel Cage Match
Matt Hardy vs. Edge
Unforgiven (18/09/05)

Money in The Bank Qualifying Match
Matt Hardy vs. Joey Mercury
SmackDown! (02/03/07)

Matt Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy
SmackDown! (04/05/07)

Tag Team Title Match
The Hardy Boyz vs. The Serial Thrillaz
Omega (29/01/99)

DVD Extras

  • High Voltage Amateur WCW Challenge Video
  • Matt Starts a Fire
  • Matt Hardy’s Crib

    Disc Two – The Jeff Hardy Story

    Jeff Hardy has ascended from one of the top tag teams in WWE history to a wildly popular singles star with the WWE Championship in his sight. This DVD examines his colourful career in and out of the ring, including his recent spectacular success on Raw.

    A Unique Enigma
    Poetry in Motion
    Singles Release
    Dream 2 Defy

    Tag Team Tables Match
    The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudleyz
    Royal Rumble (23/01/00)

    Intercontinental Title Match
    Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H
    SmackDown! (12/04/01)

    Intercontinental Championship Steel Cage Match
    Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro
    New Years Revolution (07/01/07)

    Money In The Bank Qualifying Match
    Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin
    RAW (26/02/07)

    World Tag Team Title Match
    The Hardys vs. Cade & Murdoch
    Judgment Day (20/05/07)

    Winner gets WWE Championship Title shot at Royal Rumble
    Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H
    Armageddon (16/12/07)

    Steel Cage Match
    Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga
    RAW (07/01/08)

    DVD Extras
  • Hardy Dogs
  • Old Grow
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