DVD Divas: Undressed

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- 180m Regione 2
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Divas Undressed Feature Program (60m)


Swimsuit Competition: Stacy vs Torrie
Smackdown - 16/05/02

Women's Championship Bra and Panties Match: Stacy vs Trish
Velocity - 25/05/02

Lingerie Match: Trish vs Terri
Raw - 03/06/02

Tag Team Match: Trish & Linda vs Jackie & Molly
Raw - 24/06/02

Bra and Panties Match: Torrie vs Stacy
Smackdown - 04/07/02

Women's Championship: Molly vs Jacqueline
Sunday Night Heat - 14/07/02

Trish's Home Tour
Confidential - 25/05/02

What Terri Takes on the Road
Confidential - 29/06/02

Behind the Scenes of the Thong-Athon
Confidential - 13/07/02

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